About us.

We are Veriteers, 'do-ers' of truth.

Our story.

We launched in 2017 with a desire to bring something different to retail and consumer-facing businesses. Our team comes from a diverse background, with people from Big 4 consulting, strategy boutiques, marketing agencies and software development labs. We work with some of the world's largest retailers and high-growth start-ups, and our unique blend of skills allows us to answer a very specific problem: how to position the entire business towards the customer, and successfully deliver strong growth, quarter after quarter, whilst improving customer satisfaction.

Being a Veriteer means being a ‘do-er’ of truth'. This is not something that we take lightly – it’s what we do. It is reflected in our teamwork, our behaviour and the results we achieve. Being a Veriteer means thinking differently, by letting go of an unhealthy focus on profit, letting go of oppressive peer competition, and letting go of fear-fuelled strategies.  Instead we adopt a partnership approach, opening ourselves and our clients to boundless collaboration, unlocking imagination, and above all delivering tangible outcomes that make our clients’ world better.

Our story is growing every day, and we hope that you can play a part.

Our culture.


We are honest, transparent and practice what we preach.


We operate with a collective intelligence - every Veriteer brings the best of what we have.

The Customer Way

We believe that there is no limit to customer expertise, so we constantly strive to be better.

As Veriteers, we love the challenges and problems we tackle when we come to work. You will often hear us talk about collective intelligence - meaning that our people are disciplined in sharing knowledge and expertise with each other. This means when you get one Veriteer, you tap into the our collective brain!

As a company we constantly strive to create a workplace culture that both supports and stretches our people. Our culture has three core values: Truth, Collaboration and The Customer Way. These values ground our people in every conversation, customer interaction and piece of content that we create.

Our team.

Niall Lavery

Business Builder

I design and run digitised businesses that transform the market. I have spent the last 20 years helping all sorts of organisations to innovate, and I have a proven track record of helping brands cut through the noise, and simply focus on building, marketing and selling products and services that improve customers' lives. I bring a structured approach to building a brand's strategy, and I contribute market-changing ideas to product and service design initiatives. But above all, I then work with the brand to help them build the capability to deliver the strategy. I'm there until it's done. I love my family, music, reading, sports and all things Japanese.

David Bradley

Product Craftsman

I help brands practically address the challenges of the digital world and build incredible software products. I have spent most of the last decade building software products in an agile environment and recognise the importance of leadership development and building effective teams to tangibly drive positive business outcomes. I have experience as a product manager and love finding innovative ways that make users lives better. In my spare time, I play hockey and have a passion for food and coffee. I dream of building a pizza oven in my back garden!

Heather Beveridge


I’m part of the strategy and innovation team, turning ideas and concepts into visual designs, and enhancing business brands and purposes. Graphic design is my passion, that has grown from over 5 years’ experience working in boutique Scottish design agencies. This experience has allowed me to thrive as an all-rounder in visual design, blurring the boundaries between art, design and technology. After hours you can find me making the most of my new home; Amsterdam or you will find me throwing heavy weights around the gym whilst listening to female empowering rap music.

Mark Shannon

Product Builder

I joined Veriteer and swapped Big4 consulting for start-up. I knew this was always going to be both exciting and challenging. Losing team volume is one example of this challenge - but it pushes me to be more effective and productive. I am a product owner with 5+ years experience working within Customer Experience. I use a combination of product knowledge, technical skills and understanding of markets to help brands deliver amazing customer experience through the use of best-of-breed and bespoke products. Outside of work I am keen golfer and footballer for my local team Sandyhill FC.

Eamonn Lavery

Customer Research Guru

My role with Veriteer gives me the opportunity to shine at what I'm good at and what I enjoy doing. I'm not pigeon-holed into a single job role, and that works for me! I help our clients with customer research by collecting and analysing data that can drive strategic decision making. I use my understanding of psychology in my role to truly understand customer behaviour. I work part-time in special education, and advocating for those whose voices are not heard, or are often ignored is important to me. You can usually find me digging in record shops, making music, shooting hoops, or whipping up a storm in the kitchen when I'm not working.

Jorge Delgado

Lead Experience Designer

From advertising, experiential and brand design to digital products and services, I have always had a deep interest in experience and interaction design. At Veriteer, I am part of the Strategy and Innovation team, where I research social and cultural trends, new technologies and user interaction best practices to design innovative customer experiences for our clients. Out of work I enjoy going to art exhibitions, music and theatre performances, creative coding, philosophy, hiking and collaborating on artistic side projects.

Anita Cole

Customer Experience Consultant

I support our clients needs are met with innovative, tangible solutions that are always customer first. My experience has been across a variety of different functional areas, including customer service and e-commerce. It is from this background that I have seen the importance of always maintaining a customer-centric mindset, and more specifically how this can be done practically within project delivery and not just product development. Outside of work you will find me writing spoken word material, watching my favourite detective shows or playing the keyboard at church.

Sidney Debaque

Service Designer

I bridge customer behaviours and business opportunities. I have a passion for understanding how people behave, what drives them, what frustrates them, and how we can use this to create sustainable meaningful businesses. I started my career as a communication and marketing strategist in Paris before moving to Manchester and then Berlin to kick-off my career as a Service Designer. I’m now taking advantage of living in London to explore its arts and culture; from its exhibitions and conferences to discovering new artists at music events.

Alex Schwartz

Product Owner

As a Product Owner at Veriteer I enjoy articulating big-picture ideas into actionable tasks, balancing priorities, and connecting the dots. I have a blend of experience working in digital marketing in the travel industry as well as product and project management in the digital design space. My German/American upbringing, and travels from a young age have taught me a sense of cross-cultural awareness, which helps me relate to varying perspectives of colleagues, clients and consumers. Outside of work I love travelling, interior design and I’m also slightly obsessed with Mexican food and culture as well as going on treasure hunts in charity shops.

Emer O'Kane

Product Pioneer

My favourite thing to do is think differently. I pride myself on solving problems and this stems from my strength in understanding people and their pain points. My career to date has focused on Marketing & Product Management in technology – applied in interactive education, self-service for prisoners, teams and game management in sport and intelligent music video generation. I use my start-up mentality to maintain a constant pursuit of delivering the highest impact quickly. Outside of work you’ll find me lifting something heavy at the gym, doing some crafts or DIY, or enjoying a nice glass of red wine with my feet up.

Sinead Keating

Customer Experience Consultant

I have a background in E-Commerce and Customer Service management – combining the two to create online strategies for brands and seamless end-to-end journeys for their customers. I have worked with start-ups and established brands, and with companies shifting from bricks-and-mortar to a greater online presence. I am passionate about customer behaviour and analysis, and I want to help brands implement the latest research and exciting trends into their customer strategy to help with them become the next Disney, Netflix or Amazon. Outside of work I love watching football and going to gigs and now exploring my new home city of Belfast!

Owen Fenton

Customer Experience Consultant

Having worked as an academic in higher education institutions, my analytic background has defined my approach to capturing and communicating customer voice. I am experienced in channelling insights into effective processes, programmes and structures, and I have also built collaborative relationships with senior stakeholders across public and VCSE sectors. The challenge and excitement of working with global clients at Veriteer, to help them digest their customer analytics and make better decisions was what drove me to make the change. Outside of work I like to 'relax' playing football, and actually relax by listening to video game soundtracks while painting.

Francesca Majury

Customer Experience Consultant

Poor customer experience is a personal pet peeve – but now that I’ve joined Veriteer I get to right those wrongs for our clients. Using my project management experience I’m able to engage, coordinate and motivate project teams, mitigate risks and play a large role in business development - all with a customer focussed mindset. I love meeting new people and feel most comfortable working in a fast-paced environment – I just love the buzz! Outside the office you’ll find me in a dance studio (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop- you name it-I’ve done it!), sampling various cuisines, or travelling – my aim in life is to visit every country in the world!