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Veriteer is a customer experience consultancy. We partner with the world’s biggest brands and high-growth startups to set customer-focused strategies, create successful customer experiences, and enable the delivery of ground-breaking initiatives.

We exist as consumer markets are changing rapidly. It’s a revolution in what products are sold, how they are sold and how they are made. It’s driven by societal change, the economic climate, and advances in technology. All of these factors create a perfect storm of uncertainty for retailers and brands, making it increasingly challenging to set and execute a winning customer strategy.

We're helping organisations succeed in the connected world.


An overview of how we help our customers develop winning strategies at a brand, organisational, and team level.

Capability Development

An overview of how we help our customers develop internal capabilities to enable long term, sustainable success.

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As Veriteers we are passionate about thinking differently and deeply, and because of this passion, we like to share!  Over the course of our various adventures we benefit from direct experience and exposure to next-generation thinking from our clients, partners and market analysts. Our insights tell our story and point of view.

Check out some of our latest thinking.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: The cult of efficiency

From pleasure oriented decisions to efficiency based behaviours.


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Postcard from Adobe Summit 2019

Postcard from Adobe Summit 2019. A look at the announcements, challenges and opportunities from Adobe Summit 2019.


min read

Facebook does a MySpace

Facebook's declining brand has opened the door for a new advertising giant: Amazon.


min read

The Loneliness Epidemic

As our digital lives become important, our physical lives can suffer.


min read

Doing one thing well

How obsessive focus can build brand loyalty and community.


min read

Is the last mile solved?

Are a fast-developing range of delivery-as-a-service providers making last mile fulfilment a commodity?


min read

MVP: The Marmite of Agile

Introducing the viability scale as an improvement on Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


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Customer testimonials.

We're proud of what we achieve for our clients, and how we do it. Our expert, practical, and partnerial style sets us apart, and our clients tell us that they value this. To recognise this, we call our clients 'partners', and once a partner, always a partner.

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Managing Director

Veriteer have demonstrated a real understanding of what it takes to work with a global retailer. Their collaborative approach, their expertise and above all, their commitment to our business has helped us on our amazing journey of growth.

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Irene McAleese

Co-founder & CSO

Veriteer have helped us enhance our customer experience through application of their razor-sharp analysis and innovative methodologies. As a high growth startup, we were able to draw on their experience working with some of the worlds' biggest brands, generating insights and strategies that will give us a competitive advantage as we scale.

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Managing Director

Veriteer think and act differently to other consultancies. Their ability to connect customer-focus with commercial outcomes makes them an unbeatable partner for customer transformation programmes.