How we work.

An overview of The Customer Way.

Our approach.

Delivering results, quickly and effectively.

We know that every company is unique, but that no one wants to have to solve problems that already have great answers.

As a result, we deliver quickly for our partners by combining a collaborative working style with industry-leading expertise in how to build and run organisations that win customers and drive growth. We call this The Customer Way.

Long-lasting change, not short term solutions

We work with clients who want to be successful in a rapidly changing market. In today’s connected world, advances in technology are resulting in the creation of new business models, products and services, and these changes are set to continue at an ever-increasing pace.

As a result, it is easy for companies to be distracted by the latest innovation, or competitor investment.  However, we are not interested in opportunistic sales of the latest ‘solution’.

We adopt a different perspective:

Organisational capabilities rather than technology solutions

This means we ask the questions “what can we do?” and “what should we do?”, not just “what do we have?” or "what is the easiest?"

Long-term evolution rather than short-term transformation

This means we ask the questions “what will happen after the project” and "who will internally support long term success?", not just “how do I run the project?”

Our services.

Strategy and capability development for a connected world.

We’re not interested in creating a dependency in our partners. As Veriteers, our aim is to invest in successful projects together with our partners. We believe that this allows us to give a far more honest answer to our clients’ problems, and to focus on those services that add the most value to our partner's business.


Strategy can be a challenging concept in consumer-facing businesses.  The immediate demands of the market necessarily emphasises quarterly sales tactics, and margin challenges can often discourage companies from investing in long-term initiatives. Especially those that seem too conceptual. We take a practical approach to strategy: progress over perfection.  And like everything else we do, it starts with the customer. For even very large companies, we believe that two days of work, with the right participation and preparation, can deliver much of the strategy output needed to adopt The Customer Way. We also have the depth of expertise to help plan the implementation of the strategy in detail.

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Catalyst Workshop

Our Catalyst Workshop allows us to work with a varied client team over two days: to develop, refine and test strategic priorities. This uses an industry approach called design thinking to quickly focus on themes that will add the most value.

Capability development.

Our partners do not need a slightly better website. They need the know-how to drive top and bottom-line growth and customer outcomes across their sales, marketing and service functions.  This is the only approach to deliver sustained improvement. However, change is usually both urgent and difficult. As Veriteers, our mission is to help our partners achieve their immediate objectives whilst helping them build the capabilities necessary to do it by themselves in the future. We focus on specific capabilities that contribute to The Customer Way:

  • Organisational design
  • Delivery support
  • Risk and regulation
  • Innovation ideation
  • Product management

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Customer Capability Assessment

Our Customer Capability Assessment is a short, sharp exercise that allows us to identify those capabilities that will drive success, what any gaps are and how to address them.

What we help our clients achieve.

Building integrated digital functions that are embedded across organisations.

Modernising the IT function

Creating omni-channel businesses that understand how to translate historic success into ongoing accelerated growth.

Accelerating growth in all channels

Designing marketing functions that achieve consistent, positive and measurable results.

Improving marketing effectiveness

Designing successful customer experiences in line with brand propositions.

Optimising customer experience

Raising awareness and designing for the unique opportunities of disruptive technologies.

Planning for disruptive tech

Enabling data driven decisions through a holistic understanding of organisational data.

Embedding analytics across the business

Promoting sustainable digital innovation capabilities that are right for our customers.

In-house digital engineering networks

Embedding cross functional product functions to deliver iterative and incremental value.

Successful product functions and teams