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Service design
Service design
Connecting meaningful experiences with viable operations
Connecting meaningful experiences with viable operations

An incredible concept is worth nothing if it can't be realised.

Service design starts with the goal (the target experience), and works through all of the layers of the organisation to figure out how things need to work to achieve the outcomes we want. This requires a rich appreciation of the desired experience, a detailed understanding of business operations, strong stakeholder management, and a pragmatic approach to simply making things work.

Our approach

We approach service designer from a strategic perspective. Services underpin customer propositions, and customer propositions realise strategic objectives. This strategy-led approach means that we should always have a well-researched and clear definition of the customer mission that we need to serve. The service design process then takes a holistic approach to figuring out how we can best serve it.

The starting point will, however, be to conduct further research with the consumers of the service (and the operators of the service) to help us understand what is really important in how the service should operate.

These insights will then allow us to dig down through the various layers of the business, including:

  • People - which teams, roles and responsibilities need to be in place for the service to operate effectively? This may often result in changes to the brand's team structures or acquiring new skills.
  • Process - what needs to happen where and when?  Building these processes in a way that maps into existing business process frameworks will be important for sustainability.
  • Physical environment - how do we configure real estate and assets to ensure that the target experience is delivered, and that operations can be conducted safely and effectively?
  • Data - what data do we need to inform the service, what can we capture during its operation, and how do we evaluate whether it is working effectively?
  • Technology - what software and hardware will be required to support or facilitate the service?
  • Governance - how do we set and manage service levels and pricing? Who is responsible for service outcomes? Who approves investments?

We are specialists at delivering service design at scale - especially in commercial organisations. Making this work effectively often means applying service design within an enterprise architecture environment. Structurally designing links between services to systems, teams, data and more. We have a unique blend of skills that allow us to not only design highly effective services, but also highly scalable services that can be efficiently extended and easily maintained over time.

Introducing service design as a new discipline in new organisations can be challenging, but we have repeated experience of building new teams from the ground up inside brands, and turning them into world-class design teams.

Comprehensive design

Service design is the bridge that connects strategy to execution. Within our comprehensive design methodology, it plays a critical role in the development of a brand's business model. Ensuring that differentiating experiences can be delivered in a way that is operationally feasible and commercially viable. That is how we can always deliver an effective customer experience.

To find out more about how Comprehensive Design can transform an organisation, please ask about our Comprehensive Design seminars.

Get started

A service design sprint is a great way to understand how useful service design can be. Over either 1- or 2-weeks, we recommend taking a tricky problem that a brand currently faces and taking a service design approach to solving it.

This requires participation from relevant stakeholders (usually from many different teams within the brand), and a willingness to engage some customers. But it is a rapid approach that quickly aligns all of these stakeholdes on a practical problem solving approach that can be quickly prototyped and, hopefully, implemented to deliver real business benefits

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