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Organisation design
Organisation design
Build effective teams and processes that improve speed to market, customer relevance and growth.
Build effective teams and processes that improve speed to market, customer relevance and growth.

Whether it is structure, behaviour, incentives, accountability, or something completely different. People lie at the heart of every brand - and they have a direct relationship to the success of the brand.

The best customer strategies, experience and service designs fall apart if the operating model cannot sustain them.

Defining a winning strategy, designing incredible experiences and mapping out how services will be delivered is all very nice. But if the organisation is unable to deliver the service, then zero value will be realised.

As a result, we have a strong focus on making sure that the roles, responsibilities, processes and governance needed to really deliver the service are all in place and, as far as possible, optimised. This requires a range of skills and experience, including:

  • Organisational design;
  • Workforce planning;
  • Leadership development;
  • Governance design; and
  • Continuous improvement / performance management.

Our business design team have the responsibility of ultimately making stuff work for our partner brands.

Orchestration is now a core competence

As the pace of change continues to accelerate in every industry, so does the range and variety of capabilities required for brands to be successful. In the past, operational success was all about execution: how well you could do the tasks that needed done. However, organisations can no longer acquire or build skills quickly enough to keep up, and leading brands are adopting an 'ecosystem' approach that allows them to access capability and capacity from other organisations that can help the brand stay agile.

Orchestrating ecosystem partners to manage efficiency and outcomes is therefore a vital skillset within a modern brand. This can build on traditional agency and supplier management competences, but also requires new methods of QA and risk management to avoid bureacracy slowing down collaboration and reducing the value that the brand will get from its ecosystem partners.

Comprehensive design

Many design agencies tap-out once the experience is designed, but this is where we're only getting started. Our experience of driving huge change programmes across some of the world's biggest brands means that we have the experience to make sure that the operating model supporting the overall strategy is well designed, fully established and fine-tuned.

Our commitment to be there until it's done also means that we take ownership for the 'hard yards' of actually making the change, and implementing our organisation design. This focus and commitment to outcomes means that we can be a truly effective partner for the brands we work with.

Get started

We offer a 1 week 'organisation scan' that helps understand how effectively your teams are structured, identifying structural problems that can affect decision-making speed, alignment overhead, accountability for outcomes and overall efficiency and effectiveness.

This requires access to organisational design documentation and key stakeholders across each of the teams in scope.

Contact us to explore why every problem is a people problem.

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