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Experience design
Experience design
Delivering the moments that matter
Delivering the moments that matter

In today's world, your business will live or die on the strength of your customer relationships. Those brands that can get their customers' attention will win. And the brands that can retain this attention over time will achieve sustainable growth.

Truly customer-centric experiences cover all angles

Brands do not need a slightly better website, or another app. They need to meet the needs of their customers in an elegant way, regardless of the channel and context. Our multi-disciplinary team blends:

  • Anthropology;
  • Digital interaction and UX design;
  • Scenography;
  • Physical product and package design;
  • Communication design; and
  • Brand strategy and design.

We combine creativity with data-led validation and iteration - and everything is based on a detailed understanding of the customer.

Effective experiences address customer and business needs

Delivering an effective customer experience means consistently delivering against the core customer motivators:

  • Value;
  • Convenience;
  • Enjoyment;
  • Belonging; and
  • Virtue.

In parallel, experiences need to help differentiate the brand from the competition. This is most effectively achieved by incorporating tactics that highlight relevant points of difference, and always ensuring experiences are aligned to overall brand values and purpose.

Comprehensive Design

Strategy drives experience, and experience drives results. Our comprehensive design methodology ensures that we design and activate experiences that are fully connected to the overall strategy.

To support this, we have developed a unique framework to help map and manage interactions across all channels so that:

  • Logically similar interactions (e.g. payment) feel consistent regardless of where, when and how they take place; and
  • Every interaction clearly contributes towards your strategic objectives and helps drive sustainable growth.

To find out more about how Comprehensive Design can transform an organisation, please ask about our Comprehensive Design seminars.

Get started

A customer experience evaluation is a fantastic first step into experience design. Over the course of 1 week, we will provide you with a clear analysis of your customer experience, incorporating:

  • Competitor benchmarks;
  • Consumer feedback and sentiment;
  • Inconsistency analysis and hotspotting;
  • Friction point analysis; and
  • An analysis of how your experience contributes (or not) to your strategy, based on specific examples.

Contact us to find out why experience is the sharp end of your business.

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