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Customer strategy
Customer strategy
Sustainable, customer-led growth
Sustainable, customer-led growth

Digitalisation, globalisation, urbanisation, and climate change are driving massive change in all industries.

In these challenging times, a deliberate and purposeful strategy is the first and most fundamental step in making sure your business can win.  

Unstoppable customer strategies

Our approach is based on making strategy simple:

  • Understand your customers their missions and their motivators.
  • Fully explore how you might address these missions.
  • Set a clear vision for the future.
  • Prioritise options and build an implementation plan.

Much of our strategy work is via retainer, meaning that we can be help to account for our work, and we are there to help ensure that the strategy is and have developed an effective approach to helping set and align clear strategies

Build an unbeatable business

Good strategies share the following characteristics:

  • They are simple.
  • They avoid incrementalism.
  • They promote agility by leaving options open as long as possible.
  • They distinguish between capability development and proposition development.

These result in confident strategies that can adapt to changing market conditions, and are easily implementable.

Comprehensive Design

Our comprehensive design methodology connects every activity from strategy through to benefits realisation.  It ensures that our partner brands can be confident that all aspects of their customer strategy and experience are:

  • Driven by strategy;
  • Thoroughly designed; and
  • Successfully implemented.  

To find out more about how Comprehensive Design can transform an organisation, please ask about our Comprehensive Design seminars.

Get started

The starting point for most of our strategy work is a Catalyst Workshop. This is an intensive 1-2 day workshop with key stakeholders from across the business to explore market trends and opportunities, and start to build a customer-led strategy.

  • Our meticulous approach to preparing and running this short process ensures that participants are well-briefed and aligned on objectives.
  • Our broad industry network allows us to provide incredible speakers to inspire and challenge participants across a range of topics.
  • Our proprietary methodology for developing customer-led strategy accelerates participants awareness and decision-making to deliver results quickly.

Contact us to find out why every business’ strategy must be built around their customers.

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