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Experience designer

As an Experience Designer you will drive customer research and insights, and experience design best practices to shape the strategy and design for ground-breaking customer propositions. 

The mission.

As an Experience Designer you will drive customer research and insights, and experience design best practices to shape the strategy and design for ground-breaking customer propositions. 

You will have an innate talent to empathise with customers and understand their needs, motivations, and individual contexts. You can easily zoom through different layers of detail and complexity: from looking at the end-to-end customer experience to diving into specific micro-interactions. Overall, your focus is on optimising all customer-brand interactions across every touch-point to create relevant, satisfying, and compelling experiences for the customer, nurturing a strong customer-brand bond.

In practical terms, here's the kind of thing you might get up to:

  • Researching and analysing customer needs, motivations, expectations and propensities – using both quantitative and qualitative methods;
  • Benchmarking competitors and other industries to inform your data-driven designs;
  • Shaping the business and brand strategy from a customer-centric perspective;
  • Translating brand strategy into customer experience concepts and prototypes;
  • Developing concepts and designs for holistic customer experiences that connect digital and physical touch-points;
  • Creating storyboards, prototypes, mock-ups, and other presentation artefacts to explain, test, and validate concepts with customers and business stakeholders;
  • Developing interaction flows, wireframes, data visualisations, infographics, mood-boards, and other materials to inform and guide the end design;
  • Optimising products, processes, services, and environments through the entire customer experience lifecycle, from first-time customer to long-time advocate;
  • Defining and maintaining full customer experience ecosystems; and
  • Iterating, validating and iterating again.

In addition, you will get to be part of Veriteer's exciting adventure.

  • We want to walk the talk, and demonstrate what good really looks like. This means  fully engaging in our CX initiatives, contributing original thinking to our voice in the market and driving innovation in how we advise on, and do, commerce.
  • You will be working as part of a talented, diverse, cross-functional project team at both brand sites and in our offices.
  • The dynamic nature of our work means that your tasks can vary, sometimes day-to-day, and include workshop facilitation, preparation of documents and presentations, delivery of training and more.
  • We need passionate and ambitious designers that can be the tip of the arrow on all of our work, both internally and for partner brands.
The bit about you.

As an Experience Designer at Veriteer, you will need to demonstrate experience as follows (at least 1 year of experience for Junior, 3 years' for Medior and 5 years' for Senior).

  • Experience as an experience designer, service designer, interaction designer, experiential designer, user experience designer, interactive art director, or similar job role.
  • An understanding of quantitative (surveys, transaction analysis, web analytics, customer segmentation, heatmaps, A/B testing, etc.) and qualitative methods (contextual interviews, participant observation, mobile ethnography, etc.).
  • An understanding of customer experience disciplines and designing for omni-channel experiences.
  • Creativity, problem solving ability and an innovative mindset.
  • A natural storyteller.
  • Experience facilitating workshops.
  • Fluent in a wide range of design processes, methodology and deliverables.
  • A portfolio displaying different design outputs: customer journey maps, storyboards, interaction frameworks, information architecture, user flows, wire-frames, prototypes / mock-ups, visual design and/or design systems - this really is a must.
  • Practical knowledge in industry standard design and prototyping tools such as AdobeCC, Figma, Sketch, InVision, or Framer. Extra points if you have some coding abilities (e.g. HTLM5, CSS, Javascript, etc.) or Visual Design skills (e.g. Animation, 3D modelling, branding, visual merchandising, etc.).
  • An understanding of agile methodologies, and design sprints.
  • Strong stakeholder management, comfortable in taking ownership, and able to work both on a team and independently as a hands-on individual contributor.

We would also love it if you have:

  • Experience and comfort in a fast-paced start-up environment.
  • A self-motivated positive and achiever attitude.
  • Passion for tackling complex problems.
  • Curiosity to keep learning new tools and keep up with new trends.

Experience aside, we know what it takes to be a Veriteer. If the above sounds like you and the people you want to work with, then Veriteer will feel like home, so get in touch. 

The bit about us.

Veriteer is a customer experience consultancy on a journey of rapid expansion. We partner with the world’s biggest brands and high-growth startups to set customer-focused strategies, create successful customer experiences, and enable the delivery of ground-breaking initiatives. 

It's not easy to be a Veriteer: we're doing the stuff that no one else can do. So bringing someone new into the family is always our biggest decision, and our biggest investment.

We come in all shapes and sizes, but we all back each other in our quest for the incredible. This means we share a number of key characteristics:

  • We always believe that there is a better way;
  • We are the calm in the storm; and
  • We have a redoubtable will and an indomitable spirit.
The small print.

There are a few administrative requirements we need to be clear on up front:

  • You must be able to work in the EU with no visa requirements or restrictions and have no existing preclusion from working in the USA.
  • You must be flexible to travel, including internationally.
  • You will be provided with all technology, insurances and expenses to enable you to perform your duties as expected.
  • Membership of a professional body is not required, but all professional certifications and memberships should be detailed in your application for this post.
  • You must declare up front, any restrictions on the nature of work that you can perform, including any brand-specific covenants that would limit your ability to work for them.

Please note that we have locations across Europe and the UK, so if this role is not in the right location for you, then contact us anyway, and see what we can offer.

Apply here.

We will work with you to make the hiring process convenient and engaging.  So go on, give it a go.

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