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Saving money and lives through connectivity
Saving money and lives through connectivity
Designing and launching a new fleet management service that streams telemetry data.
The challenge.

With one of the largest fleets in the US, our partner brand needed to generate greater visibility of their fleet to reduce 'out-of-service' and get more customers on the road in the right vehicles. The problem was simple, to make use of the available telematics data to support fleet management processes like inventory counter, vehicle recovery & maintenance, and to reduce theft and drive revenue opportunities through advanced analytics. ​

  • New customer capabilities required telemetry capabilities, such as remote unlock, lock, honk, flash lights, etc. So putting reusable, scalable mechanisms in place helps facilitate new customer experiences.​
  • Increased theft and misuse of fleet across US has led to costs soaring, fleet being written off and a loss in revenue opportunities due to out of service vehicles. ​
The project.

Using modern design principles, agile ways of working and cloud computing to reduce fixed overheads and increase flexibility to integrate with manufacturers data feeds. ​

Mission 1: Understand telemetry power​

  • We engaged senior leadership to understand the key metrics and drivers of performance.​
  • Through engaging vehicle manufacturers we identified the core use cases for making use of telemetry data.​

Mission 2: Unlocking value early & iteratively​

  • These on-site and remote stakeholder workshops allowed us to generate a product roadmap with an understanding of the most important business needs.​
  • Using agile methodologies and cross functional teams, we built a production ready platform, with narrow feature scope, to unlock value early and make an immediate impact during the Covid crisis.​

Mission 3: Launch and learn​

  • 12 weeks to scope and build a Telematics web app MVP to staff across North America. ​
  • 12 weeks to scope and build a big data platform to stream telemetry data for the Hertz Connected Fleet.  ​
  • Within 6 months we had connected the majority of the US fleet to the platform, including the definition of new operational process to comply with legal requirements.​
The results.
  • Hundreds of stolen and missing vehicles recovered, saving thousands of dollars and reducing out of service.
  • Scalable platform to facilitate global use of telemetry capabilities.
  • A reusable solution to create new touchless rental experiences for customers.
  • Supporting multiple police inquiries through the power of telemetry data.
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