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Interactive packaging
Interactive packaging
Building consumer engagement into the product, and owning the breakfast table.
The challenge.

Our customer faced a challenging market, with low-cost competition making it harder to differentiate their offering. They wanted to combine the engagement that they see over social media with their packaging products.​

  • How effective has their consumer engagement been to date?​
  • What should their consumer engagement strategy be? ​
  • How should this fit with their B2B customer sales?​
  • In particular, how might consumer insight be combined into their trade promotion offerings?​
  • How can all of this work in a devolved international business?​
The project.

Our approach.

From a fairly open brief, we quickly distilled the strategy down into 3 topics.​

Mission 1: Map the current consumer relationship.​

  • We conducted a review of how the brand was engaging and communicating with their consumers (which was primarily across social media channels).​
  • This included a review of prior campaigns and a best practice market analysis.​

Mission 2: Design a consumer engagement platform.​

  • Design and evaluate interactive packaging trials with a European dairy brand to identify efficacy.​
  • Use these learnings to develop a strategy for a future consumer engagement platform that the brand could provide to B2B customers as a differentiated offer.​

Mission 3: Build a B2B offer.​

  • Combine the new interactive packing offer with existing on-pack advertising and trade promotion investments to deliver improved commercial returns for both the brand and the customer.​
  • Identify a clear implementation plan for the setup of the new consumer engagement platform and offer.​
The results.

As a result of the work with us, our client achieved highly successful outcomes:

  • A new, differentiated product offering that drives packaging deals with drinks brands.
  • Sales uplift of 16-18% for customers using interactive scan and win games.
  • Enhanced trade promotion impact and more effective use of packaging space.
  • Access to in-depth insight into product consumption and consumer opinion.
  • Long-lasting brand awareness and engagement between brand and consumers.
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