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Feeding the nation
Feeding the nation
Launching a profitable online grocery offer for an iconic, and famously cost conscious, retail brand.
The challenge.

Launch a profitable online grocery offer for an iconic, and famously cost conscious, retail brand.​

  • With COVID-19 driving an entirely new landscape for grocery retail, online channel share rocketed in many markets.  ​
  • The retailer’s business model is founded on a famously low cost operating model that is incompatible with ‘traditional’ eCommerce approaches.​
  • Veriteer were asked to design the ‘impossible proposition’, a profitable online grocery business requiring limited-to-no capital expenditure and had a minimal impact on the in-store business.  ​
  • And to get it up and running in only 12 weeks.​
The project.

The focus on speed and cost effectiveness drove us to explore multiple designs in parallel.​

Mission 1: Accessible basics.​

  • Provide vulnerable households with access to grocery staples during the stressful early days of the pandemic. ​
  • We designed a grocery box proposition that could be offered nearly immediately and fulfilled via 3rd party logistics.​
  • Launched nationally in 3 weeks​.

Mission 2: Rapid access to critical products.​

  • A rapid delivery partnership with Deliveroo to allow customers in urban areas to replenish their most important products, and put meals on the table.​
  • Helped us trial early designs of an in-store fulfilment service.​
  • Launched in supported locations in 6 weeks​.

Mission 3: The big shop.​

  • A cost-effective way for the retailer to allow consumers to complete their weekly grocery shop online and minimise the impact of social distancing in-store – all whilst maintaining clear price leadership in the market.​
  • Launched as a trial in 16 weeks, then another 12 weeks to scale across hundreds of stores.​
The results.
  • Created the ability to help millions of households keep safe and stocked up.
  • Ensured access to essential products and services for vulnerable individuals and households through clever design and a range of accessible services.
  • Launched a scalable, profitable online offering on limited investment.
  • Maintained market share, price leadership and margin.
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