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Controlling the energy customer journey
Controlling the energy customer journey
Launching a new customer journey management capability.
The challenge.

This large utility company's retention lifecycle was lacking personalised and targeted offers for their customers due to a lack of customer data. The lack of data meant that their retention plays were often one-size-fits-all offers that forfeited margins. ​

  • Blanket retention offers meant that they missed out on higher margins with certain customers who were less price conscious but also meant they lost customers who were more price savvy. ​
  • Without access to a 360 view of the customer it was impossible to segment or build customer propensity models; again impacting their ability to provide the right offer for both the customer and for the business. ​

The project.

We took a customer-centric approach to help design a framework for making the right interventions at the right point in the customer journey.

Mission 1: Help secure the right tools for the job

  • Support the selection of software and agency partners to take control of their customer experience (CX).
  • Lead these partners in the design and development of a new CX management platform.

Mission 2: Lead and coach

  • Design and develop models for segmentation and propensity to churn analysis.
  • Provide support on the selected tech platform, and lead on the initial implementation and activation.
  • Coach the team on agile ways of working to enable an iterative approach to developing their CX.

Mission 3: Manage the launch of customer journey management as a capability

  • Coordinate the launch of a new ‘customer journey management’ capability.
  • Lead technical and operational go-lives, providing a robust quality assurance layer across the entire programme.
The results.
  • New customer journey management capability (including tech platform) implemented across the group of companies.
  • Reduction in churn through accurate propensity modelling – leading to better profit margins.
  • A new tiered offer framework available to all customers, aimed at protecting margins whilst allowing customers to access the best deal for them.
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