Postcard from Adobe Summit 2019

Postcard from Adobe Summit 2019. A look at the announcements, challenges and opportunities from Adobe Summit 2019.


The team are just back from Adobe Summit.  The word of the week was ‘Experience’ and it’s safe to say that we experienced a lot! A lot of networking, success stories, demos, announcements and most importantly sharing some laughs with existing clients and hopefully new ones.

From a personal point of view, I went to Summit with the objective of honing my product knowledge of Campaign and Marketo whilst gathering as many hacks and teasers as possible.  Over the 2 days, I listened to success stories from BMW Group, Lottomatica, Allianz, Virgin Atlantic and many more.  Success stories that showed the benefits possible when you bring together market leading software with the capabilities and people to deliver success.

Announcements, announcements, announcements

This year’s Summit saw the exciting announcement of the Adobe Experience Platform.  Combining CRM, ERP Financials and interaction behaviour into one platform to provide a real-time view of your customer that can be then fed into Adobe solutions and other 3rd party applications. It will enable the stitching of data across the whole enterprise.  Adobe Experience Platform has been designed and built from the ground up using the principles of API-first design.  The possibilities with Experience Platform are exciting and over the coming months I will be posting more insights; so stayed tuned.

There were some other notable announcements; Adobe and ServiceNow announced a new partnership and industry-first solution to “connect customer experience data and customer service data through integrations between Adobe Experience Platform and the ServiceNow Now Platform”. Many of our clients use both of these popular systems, so I am definitely going to be investigating this further over the next few months.  

In addition, Adobe, Microsoft and LinkedIn announced an extension of the Microsoft partnership and a new integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to accelerate B2B selling. To do this, Adobe and Microsoft are aligning key data sources to populate account-based profiles from Experience Cloud, including Marketo Engage, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. I’m hoping this saves me many hours trawling LinkedIn!

Insider secrets!

There were numerous insider sessions delivered by Adobe product leads; Stephane Bline and Eric Perrin, that have helped me expand my existing knowledge with Campaign Classic in particular, and bring back some added insights to our clients to help them realise the full benefits of the product.  One of the features that caught my eye, which will be released to Campaign classic this year is the ability to re-write URLs in already delivered email campaigns; I’m sure this will save alot of blushes but also enable companies to replace the links of expired products & offers in real time.

The one common challenge from Summit?

However the standout common trend from the Summit was the difficulty of combining the Adobe tools with your people, processes and data to actually drive adoption and business benefits.  Having the right organisational structures and processes to enable adoption and effective use of the tools was something that many of the companies we spoke to are struggling with.  

Within a breakout session ‘Adobe Campaign Classic, hints & tips for IT Admins’,  Stephane Bline showed figures of customer adoption of some of their most important tips around workflows and dashboards to be 0.2% and less than 2% respectively.  But it is not only the in-application adoption that companies struggle with, it’s also the in-house organisational structures that deliver the business value.  

This particular challenge is exactly what Veriteer has been set up to solve.  Our positioning is a customer experience consultancy that focuses on capability development first, and the technology solutions second.  Our approach is a blend of product knowledge, proven best practice and expert mentoring means that whether you have been using your software for years or are yet to select it, we have the tools and expertise to help you improve adoption and deliver real business benefits.

If this challenge sounds familiar, I’d love to hear your thoughts – even if you’ve overcome it already, your stories are always really valuable.  Get in touch for a chat.

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